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Meet The Pack

EVE BOB - March 2022.jpeg



This young girl is full of confidence and spunk. She is the granddaughter to our matriarch and we are excited to see her grow up and look forward to having fun with her in the performance world!

Rae - Orlando 21.jpeg


A true sweetheart, Rae is a great ambassador of the breed. She is a loving family dog, a show stopping conformation dog and she is non-stop when it comes to play! 

Leia - 2021.jpg



Leia is an active and biddable girl who loves to work and play! She is also the 2022 Best of Opposite Sex at not only the national specialty but also Westminster Kennel Club Dog show!

Luka Perkins - July 2020.jpg


Luka is a stunning boy who is co-owned with dear friends! He has big aspirations and is starting out strong with a Reserve Best In Show Owner Handler during our specialty week in Oregon, 2022!

2021 Westminster BOS Haylee.jpeg


This girl is co-owned and the Best of Opposite at Westminster 2021! She is a wonderful girl with a great temperament and very well rounded! She has a number of titles, including therapy dog!

Bandit at K of Phil lg photo digital.jpg



Bandit is the son of our Xena and Max and the 2022 Westminster Best of Breed! He is a therapy dog by trade, but definitely enjoys the show ring! We love this sweet natured boy with all of our heart!

2014_12 Xena Eukanuba.jpg


The first puppy we kept of our own breeding, Xena has been such a wonderful addition to our family! She is playful and a patient teacher and wonderful mother.. we feel blessed to have her and she loves to be a breed ambassador.

Annie head.jpg


Little Ms. Annie is as sweet as they come! She is an attention loving little girl who loves all people.. and when the adults don't pay enough attention to her, she turns to the little two-legged people for some extra love!

2015 Max flowers.jpg



Max is a playful Kooikerhondje with a background full of champions! He is a big flirt and knows he looks good. This Kooiker loves to cuddle and is very in tune with his human! ​

2016_6 Wicky.JPG


Wicky is one of the most beautiful Kooikerhondjes! She is sweet and has an irresistible face! She was also Best of Breed at the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Club of the USA's first organized national event in 2013. 

2015 Friso smile.jpg


This boy is our laid back and relaxed Kooiker stud! Friso loves going for walks, swimming and digging for vermin! He is one of the sweetest Kooikerhondjes you will ever be lucky enough to know!

2014_12 Evie Eukanuba.jpg



Evie is our matriarch Kooikerhondje and as such is the leader of our small pack of Kooikers. She is a great watch dog, loves to go on hikes and doesn't miss a thing! Swimming is also a favorite of hers!​

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